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Extended GNUPlot wrapper

This is a modification of the gnuplot_i library by N.Devillard, which enables the following functionality:

Download the extended wrapper here. If you have any questions or comments, these can be sent to, or via the contact link.


2nd April 2006 - Added gnuplot_splot_grid for plotting 2D arrays of data, and restored the lost contour plotting code.

13th March 2006 - Fixed "bus error" under OS X when not using X11 and USE_AQUA environment variable is not set.

23rd November 2005 - gnuplot_contour_plot added (plots contours, use gnuplot_setstyle to set the contour style)

15th September 2005 - Added possible OS X support, plus the gnuplot_plot_obj_xy and gnuplot_splot_obj functions.

11th September 2005 - Windows support added

14th August 2005 - included fixes from the official version 2.10

2nd November 2004 - initial version uploaded (based on gnuplot_i v2.6)

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