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These are various small programs.


Autoforward is a script that automatically sets up PuTTY to connect to the OUCS Linux service. It sets up port forwarding to allow Web and email access, and configures Internet Explorer to use the forwarded connection. Autoforward will also detect SOCKS and HTTPS proxies that are currently set up in Internet Explorer, and offer to use them to connect.

To use it, download Autoforward and PuTTY, save them in the same directory, and then run autoforward.js to connect.

Wordsearch Generator

Wordsearch Generator was first placed on the Web on 21st August 2005, but was written years earlier. As you might expect, Wordsearch Generator creates word searches, and allows the wordsearch and its solution to be printed. It is written in JavaScript and should work in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

PCP personal edition

PCP personal edition plots polynomial and linear graphs and calculates errors on best fit lines. The aim is to replicate the behaviour of the PCP terminals in the physics labs.

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3x2 Sudoku solver

The 3x2 Sudoku solver is a simple program to solve 3x2 Sudoku puzzles, and although it is not perfect, it does work most of the time. The results can be checked using the spreadsheets currently linked from my home page.

Oxford date converter

The Oxford date converter converts Oxford dates to real dates and vice versa. It also has a separate library for use in your own Javascript programs.

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